French Roses Quilt

I’m so proud of two very super sweet young ladies!

Over Thanksgiving break, I taught a private sew camp for a couple of my long-term students: Anna and Sophia.  Let me tell you, these kids are AMAZING, and lots of fun to work with!

As we planned the camp, I sent them a PDF of project options.

Here’s what I sent them: Bags, quilts, stockings photos

The girls agreed on a wonderful quilt project called “French Roses” that incorporates “soft-edge” applique.  This basically means you don’t have to be too fussy as you sew around each applique piece and it turns out GREAT!

The first time I ever saw this project was when my friend and fellow seamster, Stacie Davis featured it on her blog:

Stacie’s finished Quilt – Lovely!!!

So, I met with the girls a couple of times over Thanksgiving break and they hammered away at this project.  Check out their progress:

Anna's Quilt in progress

This is actually Anna’s quilt with the top almost completely assembled.  She opted to use strips of fabric for her borders instead of the pieced blocks you see in Stacie’s.  I absolutely LOVE her color pathways.  Sophia used the same fabrics as Anna, yet her quilt turned out uniquely different.   I didn’t get a photo of Sophia’s quilt yet, but I will share one asap.

I love the girl’s quilts so much, I’m inspired to make one of my own.  I like the colorful strips option and plan to do something similar with mine…

The girls and I have plans to meet one more time and get their quilts completed so, I’ll try and give you all an update on their big finish!

Oh, if you would like to purchase a copy of the French Roses Pattern, you can find it here:

Christa Quilts!

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2 thoughts on “French Roses Quilt

  1. Yes I love the blue version as well! Looking forward to future blog posts 🙂 Inspiration by “cyber visiting” is the wave of the future! Thanks for all the photos!!

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