Sewing at a Safe-House for Girls

Recently, I went to a girl’s safe-house and I had the privilege of hosting  a sewing lesson for 4 of their residents.


Take a look at one of the projects the girls sewed!  Nice work!

I’m so proud of the young lady who stitched up this bag!  For the sake of respecting her privacy, we will call her Miss A.  I am especially impressed with her work since this was her very first sewing lesson ever!


With a little guidance, Miss A successfully made straps and stitched out a fully lined tote bag.  (That little red fur ball at the bottom of the bag is a funny little rubber ducky that joined our class!)


Miss A did a great job adding gussets to the bottom of her bag.

Way to go Miss A!  We are all so proud of you!!!

I’d like to say thanks to those of you who have made donations to my non-profit, Girls Restoration Project. Your gifts help provide supplies and machines for these young ladies to learn a valuable life skill as they recover from their trauma and get a fresh start on life….

Thanks again!

Keep Stitchin!

Jenny G


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