What ‘cha Been Up To?

Lately, I haven’t been as active with blogging and updates as I would like, but that’s because I’ve been so busy working full time at Humble Sewing Center and enjoying time sewing with my amazing students.

Below is a summary of several quick, easy, and fun projects I’ve been able to do with my private lessons students and some of the girls at the safe house.


Custom Designed Frog Pillow

Hippity Hop Everyone!!!

The photo featured above is of the completed fleece frog pillow that one of my youngest students, Sophia age 10, recently designed and stitched out during a series of private sewing lessons.

As you can see, she wanted her frog to be pretty big!  We had a great time customizing his features and making him as 3D as possible.  Needless to say, I’m very proud of her work and imagination!

Way to go Sophia!!!

Sophia and frog 1

Also, a while back, I posted about Anna and Sophia’s in progress French Roses quilts.  I’m glad to report that both of them successfully completed their quilts and I have a couple of photos to share here:

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!!!

Happy! Happy! Joy! Joy!!!

french roses 2

Miss Sophia was also very pleased to practice sewing a zipper into her yummy zip pouch.  The pattern we used is the Sonoma Swing Bag by: Pink Sand Beach Designs.

Jelly Roll Zip Pouch with Cup Cake Buttons!

Jelly Roll Zip Pouch with Cup Cake Buttons!

I’d like to give a big shout out to Miss Sophia for all her hard work and amazing creativity during her sewing lessons!

Now, for a change of pace….

Previously you may have seen the weighted blanket I made for the girls at the safe-house.  Most of these girls are survivors of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the weighted blankets come in handy for therapeutic purposes.

I count it a true privilege to sew with these girls each week and in some small way to be a part of their therapy/recovery.

The following photos are of completed quilts and a quilt in progress made by 3 special young ladies residing at the safe-house:

quilt by C1

The maker of this quilt is planning to give it as a gift to her mom.

quilt by K1

Didn’t she choose great colors?

quilt in progress

This quilt is still in progress, but we are hoping to finish it up soon and add some fun embroidery to the black blocks!

As we sew together each week, I’m finding that the girls at the safe-house are interested in quilting as well as making their own clothes.

As an intro to garment construction, last Sunday, I guided 3 of the girls in making 3 colorful pairs of flannel pajama pants!  They all turned out great and they fit!  The girls were determined to get them completed in just one sewing session and I have to say, myself and the staff were all impressed with their results.


I didn’t have my camera with me so, I’ll have to get pictures of the pj’s on another visit and hopefully share them at a later date.

Well, that’s all for now!

Stay tuned for more updates and also my upcoming post for Nancy Zieman’s Sew Knits with Confidence blog tour!  Woo hoo!

Gotta Get Sewing!

Blessings!!!  And thanks again to all of you who help support my efforts at the safe-house via your prayers and financial gifts!


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