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  1. You are so beautiful. God has blessed you with the talent of sewing and teaching. It blesses us to see you using your blessings. Your daughters are beautiful also. We miss seeing you. We love our drapes, they really dress-up our front room. I am still emptying boxes, well I will get back to it after Christmas. Hope your family is doing great, mine is. Talk again later – Suzanne Briedel (Tuesday,Parris,Emily Bates)

  2. Hi Jenny!
    I’m a friend of Janet Caldwell’s and she told me about your work with Freedom Place. We have a lot in common as I am also in the fight against trafficking and I used to have business called Me and My House sewing custom draperies, bedding, and pillows. Anyway if you ever need help teaching at Freedom Place I would love to see if it fits in my schedule!
    I attended the graduation ceremony for a ministry in India of girls that graduated from “sewing school” and I loved the proud looks on their faces!

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